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Jilin City’s 49 State-owned Enterprises Donated RMB 45.349 million to the Disaster Areas
Date:2017/07/27 08:33:00 Author: Source:

At 14:00 pm on July 20, Jilin City state-owned assets supervision and administration system "love to the disaster areas" flood control and disaster relief donation ceremony was held in the 18th-floor meeting room of the urban construction building. 49 central and provincial state-owned enterprises including PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical Company and Jilin City Urban Construction Group donated a total of RMB 45.349 million to the disaster areas.

The "7 ? 13" rainstorm affects the people and the city state-owned assets supervision and administration system is responsible. On July 16, once knowing Fengman District’s Wangqi Town’s Piaoer Village suffered flood, the city state-owned assets supervision and administration commission emergently transferred 15 tons of water from Jilin City to the front line. Before July 19, repeatedly sent diesel oil, water pumps, hook machines, drinking water and other self-help materials to the village. For three consecutive days from July 17 to 19, organized relevant organ cadres and the city-affiliated state-owned enterprises to send personnel and machines to come to Yongji Economic Development Zone Industrial Park to do the dredging work for 370 person times and more than ten times to dredge silt of 40,000 cubic meters and debris of 5,000 tons for a factory area of 20,000 square meters,. Jilin City Cultural Investment Company organized a disaster relief commando to go deep into Kouqian development zone’s Kanto distillery’s 300-square meter factory area and Jinhong Company’s 19,000-square meter factory area to dredge and help the two companies to resume production as soon as possible. Jilin City Jiangcheng Security Company at the first time started a contingency plan, was on standby in 24 hours and actively cooperated with the local government, public security, traffic control and other departments to carry out the flood fighting and rescue work. On July 19, when a rainstorm re-hit Jilin City, the city state-owned assets supervision and administration system’s all enterprises have prepared enough equipment and labors and inputted them into the disaster areas for disaster relief in accordance with the local unified arrangement.

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