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Changchun’s Enterprises Can Handle Trademark Registration at Door
Date:2017/07/05 08:25:00 Author: Source:

Recently, Changchun trademark registration acceptance & trademark pledge registration was officially launched. This means Changchun’s enterprises can handle trademark registration "at door" without going to Beijing.

Trademark is an important intangible asset of the market. As the trademark brand strategy and the commercial registration system reform are constantly promoted, the original trademark registration application and pledge registration procedure cannot meet the growing demand for trademark development. On May 18, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce’s trademark office approved the establishment of a trademark registration acceptance window and trademark pledge registration point in Changchun City. Changchun City Trade and Industry Bureau is the province's first and only unit obtaining the "dual authorizations", trademark registration acceptance and trademark pledge registration.

Changchun City trademark registration acceptance window and trademark pledge registration point will bring three main benefits to the market. First, reduce the cost of time. Enterprises do not need to come to Beijing to submit a trademark registration application and can handle it "at door". Second, save economic costs. Enterprises, in handling trademark registration, do not need to pay agent fees or transport costs to Beijing of RMB 800 to RMB 1,000. Third, save financing costs. In the future, enterprises can handle pledge registration in the city, conductive to simplify the trademark pledge financing link, shorten the pledge time limit and improve the efficiency of financing.

In recent years, Changchun City Industrial and Commercial Bureau, in conjunction with Changchun City’s industry characteristics, has actively implemented the trademark brand strategy. As of now, the city has registered 49,136 trademarks and now has 42 Chinese well-known trademarks, 302 Jilin Province famous trademarks and 390 Changchun City famous trademarks, all ranking first in the province, and is identified by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "a model city on implementing the trademark strategy”.

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