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The Economic Unity Office of Jilin Provincial Bureau of Economic and Technological Cooperation invited a great number of businessmen to connect with the projects and exchange experience with the help
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 On April 12, Xiamen Industrial Expo 2017 & the 21st Mechanical and Electronic Commodities Fair Across Taiwan Straits opened and the Economic Unity Office dispatched a delegation to attend the expo.
    After the opening ceremony, the delegation of the Economic Unity Office came to the exhibition halls and exhibition sites to exchange with a great number of businessmen and entrepreneurs attending the expo and conducted the multiple cooperative intentions in modern agriculture, medical care, electronics, mineral water and other aspects, and especially a lot of Taiwanese businessmen attended the activity of “Taiwanese Enterprises Visiting Jilin Province” last year and had good impressions upon Jilin Province, and many businessmen happily accepted the invitation to attend the 11th Northeast Asia Expo.
    The delegation of the Economic Unity Office exchanged with Xiamen Bureau of Conference and Exhibition Affairs about the experience of running expos and invited them to attend the 11th Northeast Asia Expo. 

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