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Jing Junhai Presided over the Plenary Meeting of the Provincial Leading Group on the State-owned Forest Farm and Region Reform
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On December 13, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai presided over the plenary meeting of the provincial leading group on the state-owned forest farm and region reform. He stressed need to conscientiously implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on ecological civilization construction and important speeches at the symposium on deeply promoting the Northeast revitalization, implement the deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, deeply promote the state-owned forest farm and region reform, promote the construction of ecological civilization to make new achievements and promote the comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Jilin to a new level.

The meeting heard the report on the state-owned forest farm and region reform and discussed and passed the Working Rules of the Leading Group on the State-owned Forest Farm and Region Reform. Jing Junhai pointed out, over the years, all relevant parties have, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, tackled difficulties, been pragmatic and enterprising, solidly promoted the implementation of reform measures, basically completed the main tasks of the state-owned forest farm reform and made a positive progress in the state-owned forest region reform.

Jing Junhai stressed deepening the state-owned forest farm and region reform is an inevitable choice of implementing the ecological civilization strategy and effectively safeguarding national ecological security, an urgent need to improve the people's livelihood in the forest regions and share the fruits of revitalization and an internal requirement of removing system and mechanism l obstacles and promote sustainable development. We must continue to grasp it to the end and in place. First, need to improve the position, build a consensus, and unswervingly deepen the reform. Deepen understanding, refine responsibilities, re-optimize paths, reinforce measures, grasp the law of reform, take into account ecological environmental protection and the interests of employees, and implement reform measures in phases. Carry out“looking back”for the state-owned forest farm reform and pragmatically promote the state-owned forest region reform. Second, consolidate achievements, improve the quality, and continue to deepen the state-owned forest farm reform. In accordance with the national acceptance criteria, strong supervision, make up for short boards, plug up loopholes, prevent risks, comprehensively investigate, speed up rectification, and hand over accounts at the appointed time. Adhere to letting ecological protection and the development of eco-tourism complement with each other, vigorously develop the tourism industry, moderately develop the forest economy, accelerate the transformation and development of state-owned forest farms, realize value and improve the people's livelihood. Third, need to promote in a coordinated way and make key breakthroughs to ensure that the tasks of the state-owned forest region reform will be completed on time. Promptly formulate reform implementation plans, do a good job in policy docking and work convergence, and take both the current and the long run into consideration. Properly solve difficult problems of the reform and maximize the benefits to workers and masses in forest regions. Fourth, need to consolidate the responsibilities, improve the systems, and promote the implementation of reform tasks. Adhere to system advancement, overall balance, and partial breakthroughs to ensure the reform to make solid results. All relevant parties should strengthen coordination and cooperation and form a joint effort to support the reform.

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