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Jing Junhai Stressed at the Meeting of the Provincial Leading Group on Promoting Construction of the “Belt and Road”: Accelerate Construction of a New Highland for Opening up
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On December 7, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai presided over the meeting of the provincial leading group on promoting construction of the “Belt and Road”. He stressed need to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important expositions on construction of the "Belt and Road" and important speeches at the symposium on promoting the Northeast revitalization, be based on the actual development of Jilin, extensively participate, highlight key points, deeply integrate co-construction of the "Belt and Road", speed up construction of a new highland for opening up and add a new momentum to Jilin's comprehensive and all-round revitalization.

The meeting discussed and passed the Working Rules of the Leading Group for Construction of the "Belt and Road" in Jilin Province and the 100 Policy Measures for Expanding Opening up of Jilin Province".

Jing Junhai stressed deep integration into co-construction of the "Belt and Road" is an important way to participate in international economic cooperation. First, need to improve the standing position and accurately grasp the new situation and new tasks. Firmly establish "four consciousnesses", effectively practice "two resolutely safeguards", enhance the consciousness of participating in co-construction of the "Belt and Road" and promote connection of trade, people, facilities and capital between Jilin and surrounding countries. Second, based on the advantages, scientifically define the development goals. Focus on the goal of building China's important window of opening to the north, build a center of open cooperation and coordinated development, an important hub of China, Japan and South Korea economic cooperation and China-Mongolia-Russia economic corridor, and an important bridgehead for Sino-Russian cooperation, build four open platforms, such as cross-border economic cooperation zone, international cooperation demonstration zone, logistics hub facing Eurasia, and cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone, and achieve “seven major transformations” on the basis of superiority reconstruction. Third, need to focus on key points and promote deep and solid development. Accelerate the construction of key platforms, build them in a classified way, and promote solidly. Accelerate the construction of key projects, focus on creating “double belts” and “dual-channels”, promote the interconnection of major infrastructure, and promote connectivity, intercommunication and integration in Northeast Asia. In combination with the "one main and six pairs" industrial space layout, accelerate the construction of key projects, highlight automobile, rail transit, modern agriculture, ice and snow industry, tourism and leisure, general aviation, and other industries, expand investment attraction, and continue to deepen international capacity cooperation. Accelerate key reform pilots, promote the integration of customs clearance, innovate in financial products and services, and carry out cross-border tourism cooperation. Fourth, need to improve the mechanism and ensure the high-quality implementation of all tasks is in place. Broaden cooperation ideas, promote the normalized and systematic cooperation with countries along the line, gather high-quality resources at home and abroad, and enhance Jilin's external influence and competitiveness. The leading group office should make overall consideration and all member units should work closely and ensure the work to achieve solid results.

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