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ilin Province-Zhenghe Island Project Docking and Exchange Meeting Was Held in Changchun
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On the evening of November 28, Jilin Province-Zhenghe Island Project Docking and Exchange Meeting was held in Changchun. Zhenghe Island’s members and entrepreneurs from all over the country gathered in Jilin to seize the opportunity and discuss cooperation and development. Provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai presided over the meeting and made a speech.

At the meeting, the founder of Zhenghe Island, Liu Donghua, delivered a speech. Responsible comrades of relevant provincial departments and Changchun New Area introduced the development of relevant industries. Zhenghe Island’s 11 members and entrepreneurs, including Zhang Ronghua, Board Chairman of Rongcheng Group, and Yu Dexiang, Chairman of Trend Electric Company, made speeches successively, looked forward to the bright future of Jilin and expressed their strong investment willingness. Jing Junhai talked with them them even at night to analyze Jilin's advantages, deeply understand their needs and jointly promote cooperation.

Jing Junhai pointed out that Zhenghe Island is a well-known social platform for entrepreneurs in the country, and its members have come to Jilin twice this year to discuss with relevant parties about holding the "2019 Zhenghe Island New Year Forum " in Jilin City and reached a consensus. This time, Zhenghe Island organized member enterprises to conduct project docking and exchanges in Jilin, consolidating and expanding the existing achievements of cooperation between the two sides, and laying a good foundation for further deepening cooperation. Currently, Jilin is learning and carrying out the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the seminar on deeply promoting the revitalization of Northeast China, following the "three five” development strategy and the strategy of coordinated development of east, central and west areas, taking deepening reform and expanding opening-up as the driving force, seize the policy opportunity that the country implements the new round of revitalization of Northeast China, the open opportunity that Jilin is located in the geographical and geometric center of Northeast Asia and the industrial opportunity that the country promotes the development of real economy, promote "four major projects" for industrial transformation and upgrading, deepen "five cooperation" on open development, promote the "one main and six pairs" industrial spatial layout, speed up "seven transformations" on the basis of the rebuilding of advantages, and strive to take a new road of revitalization and development. He hoped all the entrepreneurs will enhance their strategic awareness, seize the rare opportunity for comprehensive and all-round revitalization of Jilin, come to invest in Jilin combining with Jilin’s industrial planning as soon as possible, deeply tap the potential of cooperation and win development opportunities. We will learn from advanced reform experiences, replicate and promote effective modes, and integrate the development advantages of various regions. Deepen the most thorough reform of "decentralization, management and service” and the most efficient "running only once" reform and optimize the business environment. Expand investment solicitation, attract more outstanding enterprises to settle in Jilin, provide supporting policies, markets, resources and human resources for the development of enterprises, and promote win-win cooperation.

After the meeting, member enterprises of relevant provincial departments, relevant cities (prefectures) and Zhenghe Island’s member enterprises conducted in-depth docking and reached preliminary cooperation intentions.

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