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Jing Junhai Stressed at the Province’s Video Conference for Work Safety: Deeply Draw Lessons and Make up for Short Boards of Work Safety
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On November 29, the province’s video conference for work safety was held. Provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the important speech instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on work safety, implement the requirements of the instructions of relevant leaders of the State Council, follow the deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, profoundly draw lessons from recent safety production accidents, draw inferences, comprehensively compact responsibilities, comprehensively conduct network-based investigations, comprehensively prevent, control and supervise, comprehensively make up for short boards, strictly, solidly and carefully do the production safety work, resolutely curb the occurrence of serious accidents, and earnestly safeguard the lives and properties of the people and the overall stability of the society.

Jing Junhai pointed out that the recent safety production accidents in the province have sounded the alarm for us. We must deeply rethink, and truly implement strengthening supervision, filling in shortcomings, blocking loopholes, preventing risks, and promoting development into practice. All localities and departments must comprehensively investigate, conduct special rectification, and pay close attention to implementation in accordance with the province's requirements of general inspection of production safety to ensure no danger of anything going wrong.

On doing the next-step work well, Jing Junhai stressed six points. First, need to always tighten the string of "defense line" of safety. Always take production safety as the top priority, re-seek unity in thought, re-consolidate responsibilities, re-strengthen work, and re-improve quality in implementation. Second, need to tightly grasp the "boundary line" of responsibility. Need to implement responsibilities to individuals, weave a dense responsibility network, and improve the responsibility chain. Reinforce leadership responsibilities and strengthen same responsibilities for the Party and government, one post with double responsibilities, and accountability for dereliction of duty. Reinforce industry responsibilities, must manage safety first for managing industries, and fill in loopholes in supervision. Reinforce corporate responsibilities and achieve implementing “safety responsibility, management, investment, training, and emergency rescue” in place. Third, need to firmly hold the "bottom line" of risks. Carry out network-type, carpet-type and list-type investigation and rectification in all areas, industries, enterprises, fields and places. Focus on key links where accidents are easy to occur and fight "seven battles" including urban gas pipeline remediation and centralized management of dangerous chemical products and explosives. Decompose tasks, track and inspect, ask responsibilities and efficiency, and achieve closed-loop management of the entire process. Fourth, need to distinguish the "red line" of safety. Highlight in-depth investigation of key points, pay attention to actual effects and conduct tracking inspection, adhere to strict investigation according to standards, and maintain high pressure and strict management of work safety. Fifth, need to build a "firing line" for emergency rescue. Improve emergency plans, strengthen actual drills, strengthen being on duty and improve response capabilities. Sixth, focus on managing the "network line" of public opinions. Resolutely crack down on rumors, extensively carry out safety publicity and education, and create a good atmosphere for safe production.

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