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The 5th Jilin Province Peasants Culture Festival Officially Started
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On August 15, the 5th Jilin Province Peasants Culture Festival was officially launched in Lujia Village, Wulanhua Town, Tongyu County, Baicheng City. The picture shows the song and dance performance at the ceremony. Photo by Ding Yan


On the afternoon of August 15, the 5th Jilin Province Peasants Culture Festival was officially launched in Lujia Village, Wulanhua Town, Tongyu County, Baicheng City. The event was co-sponsored by Jilin Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Jilin Provincial Agriculture Committee, Jilin Provincial Department of Culture, Jilin Provincial Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and TV, Jilin Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Jilin Provincial Writers Association and undertaken by Jilin TV Station. A number of activities were held at the launching ceremony, such as sending performances, sending books, sending training, sending agricultural science and technology knowledge, sending calligraphy, and sending movies, and a wonderful cultural feast was sent to villagers.


The theatrical performance rang up the curtain with lively and unrestrained opening dance "Walking on the Avenue of Happiness". The province’s famous song and dance duet artists, Han Ziping and Dong Wei, brought a folk song in Northeast China "Beautiful Village", singing praises and odes to the beautiful life in the new era. Han Ziping and Dong Wei also performed a selection of classic song and dance duet “Return to Hometown in Silken Robes”. Three well-known song and dance duet actors Yin Weimin, Sun Zhonghong, and Tang Jianjun performed together with college students on the same stage. They performed classic selections of song and dance duet “Seeing Lovers off in River North”, "Inside and Outside the Wall" and "Double Returns". Four peasant singers including Chen Changming, who were familiar by the local audience by participating in the song live show "I Am a PAeasant" of Jilin TV Rural Channel, brought songs "Hometown", "Wind Blows Wheat”, “Mountain Valley” and “I Love My Village”, expressing their love to their hometown and deep feeling to the black land. Very rustic song with dance "Old Peasant" is touching and affectionate. Chorus "Chinese Peasants" was sung by 10 leaders from cultural yards in the province, all of whom are simple peasants as well as builders and promoters of grassroots culture. Ma Li from Jilin Provincial Peking Opera Theatre performed a selection of Peking Opera “Qin Xianglian”, which shows the beauty of the quintessence of Chinese art. Singer Chen Nailiang sang "The Good Feelings of the People", showing the joy of the people. The unpredictable magic show made the audience scream and culminated in the whole show.


After the performance, teacher Han Ziping said "as a literary and art worker, I am very happy to participate in the peasant culture festival. Literary and art workers of the new era are to serve the people and sing the times. And every time after the peasant culture festival, we can find literary and art talents in rural areas, which can be described as cultivating stars in the culture festival, sending songs to thousands of villages, singing harmony and singing well-off, and singing full barns at home.” Lujia Village villager Zhang Fujun said after watching the performance “the culture festival is a good thing for our peasants. Our peasants of the new era need to be nourished by culture. Whether in material or spiritual life, we must live a good life."


At the same time of the theatrical performance, the organizers also carried out a number of display and training activities such as village square dance, photography, folk arts and crafts, and calligraphy art in Lujia Village. They also carried out activities such as sending books and sending agricultural science and technology knowledge and organized agricultural experts to provide agricultural science and technology consultation and answer questions for peasants. At 19:00, the organizers screened movie "War Wolf 2" in Lujia Village. The villagers came to watch it and were moved by the patriotic spirit of the film and attracted by the wonderful and shocking plot.


This festival, around the theme “singing the new era and celebrating 40 years”, served the masses at the grassroots level, accurately alleviated poverty with culture, promoted the combination of “sending culture” and “seeding culture” with meeting the cultural needs of peasants, improved the pertinence and effectiveness of public cultural services and allowed peasants to share cultural development results. The activity will start from mid-August and continue until the end of September. The province, cities and counties will jointly celebrate. The province will carry out more than 40 large activities in 6 aspects, sending culture, seeding culture, selecting advanced models, exhibition and display, cultural poverty alleviation and art competition, and all localities across the province will hold more than 800 activities such as sending culture and sending science and technology into rural households, send performances to the grassroots for more than 1,000 stages and sending films to rural areas for more than 50,000 times.

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