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Jing Junhai Stressed in Inspecting and Guiding Flood Prevention Work in Jilin City: Implement Responsibilities and Ensure Safe Pass-through of Flood
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On July 16, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai came to Jilin City and went deep into the frontline to inspect and guide the flood control work. He stressed need to thoroughly study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, implement the deployment of the provincial Party committee, adhere to the people-centered development thinking, plan ahead, implement responsibilities, strengthen weak links, ensure safe pass-through of flood and ensure the life safety of the people.


Yongji County is a key area for flood control in the province. Jing Junhai came to Chaoyang Reservoir in Yongji County to inspect the dam protection, etc. He pointed out need to intercept by section, scientifically shunt, and discharge flood to evacuate reservoirs in accordance with the changes in the flood situation. In Guanmashan Village, Jing Junhai told local cadres to improve the emergency plan and issue early warning information in a timely manner. Sijian River and Wende River have been repeatedly devastated. Jing Junhai inspected the urban defense facilities and river defense projects and stressed need to focus on the long term, make scientific design, and reinforce flood control projects. He also walked into the workshop of Jinhong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and required them to raise the awareness of prevention and prepare for flood prevention.


Subsequently, Jing Junhai held a seminar and listened to the work report. He stressed the flood control situation this year is complicated and grim. First, need to adhere to General Secretary Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guidance and seek unity in ideological understanding. Take flood prevention work as a major political task, re-inspect, redeploy and re-implement, and ensure no danger of anything going wrong. Second, need to learn lessons and enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility. Always tighten the string of flood control, focus on the short board, and sort out and solve problems. Third, need to put people's life safety in the first place and firmly hold the bottom line. Do a good job in disaster monitoring and early warning, timely transfer and properly resettle the affected people, and ensure their basic living needs. Fourth, need to keep an eye on the key parts and ensure safe pass-through of flood. Strengthen the safety of key reservoirs. Closely monitor “tailing reservoirs nearby”. Conduct scientific construction of flood storage ponds. Respect the laws of nature, widen rivers and return farmland to river. Accelerate the construction of urban drainage facilities. Strengthen the responsibility of key enterprises and ensure no leak and drift of hazardous chemicals. Fifth, need to mobilize all forces to build a disaster prevention and relief pattern of group prevention, control and rescue. Establish a self-help and mutual rescue network, improve the reserve material adjustment mechanism, and timely organize professional rescue forces to storm fortifications and eliminate dangers. Improve the consultation and coordination mechanism, establish a real-time online transmission system on flood and a flood control equipment and emergency food delivery system, and ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication. Meanwhile, need to coordinate and do investment solicitation, work safety and other work well and promote the healthy development of the economy and society.

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