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Jing Junhai Stressed in Visiting Poverty Alleviation Contact Points in Baicheng City: Resolutely Achieve the Expected Goal of Poverty Alleviation
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On July 2, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai once again came to Nangangzi Village, Honggangzi Town, Da'an City, Baicheng City to visit the poverty alleviation contact point. He stressed need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on tackling tough to get rid of poverty, accurately take measures and work hard and solidly in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party committee and provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu, make full efforts to sprint, and resolutely achieve the goal of getting rid of poverty.


On January 22, Jing Junhai came to Nangangzi Village to investigate the work of poverty alleviation. After more than five months, he has been worried about the life of the poor people in the village. Seeing the village is clean and tidy, the road is smooth, and the trees make a pleasant shade, and the cadres and the masses are full of smiles and full of spirits, Jing Junhai was very happy. He came to Nangangzi Village’s paddy field reconstruction irrigation project site to observe the construction progress of the poverty alleviation project. He once again came to the home of poor family Wang Huanpeng. Jing Junhai shook hands with him and asked with concern about how was him recently. Seeing he planted mushroom in his yard and his living conditions were improved, Jing Junhai was very satisfied. Wang Huanpeng told the governor the good policies of the Party and the government helped him solve the practical difficulties. He was more confident in getting rid of poverty and getting rich. Jing Junhai also came to the home of poor household Liu Zhanhai to ask about his life in detail and encourage him to work hard to live a better life.


Jing Junhai held a seminar in Nangangzi Village. He emphasized Baicheng is the main battlefield for poverty alleviation in the western part of the province. Currently, the fight against poverty has entered the sprint stage. First, need to focus on the new era and new mission, improve the political position, and resolutely fight to win the battle against poverty. Adhere to accurate poverty alleviation and accurate poverty eradication and ensure no one to be left behind. Second, need to focus on filling up the short board, stimulate endogenous power, and explore the way and set an example for getting rid of poverty in the province. Establish a long-term accurate, stable and sustainable mechanism, focus on the combination of poverty alleviation with aspiration stimulation and wisdom assistance and give play to the role of industrial poverty alleviation. Third, need to consolidate the basic guarantee, strengthen public services, and further improve the degree of satisfaction of the poor. Strengthen infrastructure construction and improve basic guarantees such as medical care and education. Fourth, need to strengthen the fighting bastion, strengthen the building of grassroots Party organizations, and constantly consolidate the Party's ruling foundation in the countryside. The secretary of Party branches must lead everyone to work hard and be self-reliant. Resident cadres in villages should take root at the grassroots level and enhance their ability to allocate resources. The leaders of getting rich must do their best to play a typical demonstration role. The poor people must work hard and strive to get rid of poverty as soon as possible.

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