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Jing Junhai Led a Delegation to Visit Germany, Austria and South Korea
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From June 17 to June 20, Provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai led the Jilin delegation to visit Germany. The picture shows Jing Junhai held a work talk with Volkswagen Group CEO and Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand Chairman Herbert Diess. Photo by Zou Naishuo


From June 17 to June 26, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai led the delegation of Jilin Province to visit Germany, Austria, and South Korea successively. During the 10-day journey, they participated in 23 events, went to 11 cities in the three countries, held meetings to negotiate with the governments, chambers of commerce, and companies, deeply inspected factory production lines, learned advanced concepts, talked about friendships, negotiated cooperation, and promoted enterprises to deeply dock mainly based on auto and ice and snow industries so as to let Jilin go to the world and the world walk into Jilin and gather power for the new round of comprehensive revitalization of Jilin.


The delegation first visited Germany. In Wolfsburg, Jing Junhai held a work talk with Volkswagen Group CEO and Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand Chairman Herbert Diess. Jing Junhai said, over the years, Jilin has carried out fruitful cooperation with Volkswagen Automotive, and in particular, China FAW and Volkswagen have conducted in-depth cooperation and achieved fruitful results. Jilin is an important window for China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” to open to the north. Currently, Jilin is building an open economic system and strengthening cooperation with strategic investors. The provincial Party committee and government of Jilin have been paying close attention to and actively supporting FAW and Volkswagen's cooperation to transform and upgrade the auto industry and expand the size of the auto parts industry. He hoped the two parties will further deepen cooperation in new energy, intelligent network-linked vehicles and other areas, implement the ten-year commercial plan between FAW and Audi, promote the construction of joint venture projects, enhance the competitiveness of the international market, become a model of international cooperation, and promote the cooperation between the two parties to a higher level. Jilin must provide quality services and create favorable conditions for joint venture and cooperation. The two sides reached consensus on cooperation and strived to include their cooperation into the agenda of the national level. Volkswagen Group CEO and General Manager for Chinese business Heinzmann and China FAW Group’s comrades in charge attended the talk. In Hannover, Jing Junhai met with Governor of Lower Saxony of Germany, Weil, and discussed bilateral exchange and cooperation in a friendly atmosphere. The delegation held a seminar on exchanges with Jilin Chamber of Commerce in German in Frankfurt. Jing Junhai encouraged Jilin entrepreneurs in Germany to build a bridge and contribute power to help the hometown to embark onto a new road of revitalization and development. The delegation held a working meeting with Germany Covestro Group. Jilin Cornell Group and Germany Covestro Group signed a RMB 15 billion cooperation agreement. In Nuremberg, the delegation attended the economic and trade exchange between Jilin Province and Bavaria, Germany. Jing Junhai and Nuremberg Port Executive President Oaks jointly unveiled the overseas warehouses of Changchun Sino- European train. At the starting ceremony of Sino- European “Changchun-Mandeli-Europe” in Nuremberg in Germany, Jing Junhai issued a starting order and the last box of cargos was lifted onto the train. The train started at full speed and headed for Changchun. The delegation went to Munich to inspect Jilin Universal Machinery’s European R&D center. Jing Junhai held a working meeting with Simon Rhinedick, chairman of German Rhinedick Company. Jilin Universal Machinery and German Rhinedick Company signed a cooperation agreement.


During the visit to Austria, the delegation visited Waldorf, Innsbruck, and Vienna and went deep into the headquarters production bases of ice and snow companies to inspect technical innovation, product production and other situations. At the work meeting with the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, Jing Junhai said, over the years, Jilin attached great importance to cooperation with Austria and the two sides have achieved positive results in various aspects of cooperation. Currently, Jilin is vigorously developing mobile equipment manufacturing industries such as automobiles, high-speed railways, and ice and snow facilities. Austria has a good industrial base and especially has rich experience and advantages in the development of ice and snow tourism and ice and snow sports, and there is plenty of room for cooperation between the two sides. He hoped the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce will play an active role, smoothen cooperation channels, and organize Austrian companies to enter Jilin to conduct in-depth cooperation in auto parts, ice and snow equipment manufacturing and other areas. He hoped Austrian ice and snow companies to seize General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instruction “leading 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” to Jilin and the rare opportunity of deeply participating in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, came to invest and set up plants in Jilin and joined hands to promote the development of ice and snow tourism, sports science and technology, and sports equipment. Welcome the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce and its member companies to actively participate in the World Sports Innovation Conference to be held in Jilin Province next year. We will formulate plans for the development of the ice and snow industry and issue support policies so that Jilin will become a ski resort for the world. Jing Junhai also held work talks with Austrian Doppelmayr CEO Swaindinger, Austrian HTI Group Puma Global Chairman and CEO Jean Sussar, and Italy Technoalpin Group Global CEO Laila Danielsen. Beijing Qiaoshan Group signed agreements with Doppelmayr, HTI Group, and Technoalpin on relevant cooperation on Beidahu ski resort and Tonghua ski resort.


South Korea is the last stop of this visit. The delegation arrived in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do once getting off the plane. In a working meeting with Gangwon-do Governor Choi Moon-soon, Jing Junhai said Jilin Province has maintained friendly relations with Gangwon-do for a long period of time and laid a solid foundation for cooperation and exchanges. He hoped the two sides will further deepen friendly exchanges, give play to the role of the Northeast Asian regional cooperation platform, speed up the construction of interconnection, and carry out tourism promotion activities mutually. Welcome enterprises in Gangwon-do to inspect and invest in Jilin. We are willing to promote the cooperation between the two parties in the production of auto parts and bio-pharmaceuticals to achieve mutual benefits. In Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, the delegation visited South Korea Samsung SDI’s production base and inspected the enterprise’s production process. Jing Junhai held a working meeting with Samsung SDI President JunYoung-hyun and Samsung CEO in China Huang Degui. Jing Junhai said Samsung SDI is one of the most competitive battery manufacturers in the world. Currently, Jilin is expanding its opening up and development and actively introducing into strategic investors, and the two sides have a broad space for cooperation. In the face of new opportunities in the new era, he hoped Samsung SDI and Samsung China to firmly grasp the trend of industrial development, strengthen joint venture and cooperation with FAW Group in areas such as new energy, intelligent network-linked automobiles and car-based LCD screens, and accelerate technological upgrading to realize mutual benefits. Both parties reached consensus on jointly promoting cooperation in key areas. China FAW Group responsible comrades participated in the talk. In Seoul City, Jing Junhai held a working meeting with Minister of Commerce, Industry and Commerce of South Korea Kim Hyun-chong (ministerial level) to strengthen the economic and trade exchanges between Jilin and South Korea. He hoped South Korea to organize enterprises to participate in the 12th China - Northeast Asia Expo. Jing Junhai held a talk with South Korea CJ Group global president for logistics and China President Park Gei-tai to promote the two parties to cooperate in food processing, biopharmaceutical, modern agriculture and other areas. The delegation also held working talks with South Korea Nongshim Group and South Korean Ginseng Commune to discuss cooperation issues and invited South Korea’s companies to enter Jilin and invest in Jilin.


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