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Jing Junhai Stressed in Surveying and Inspecting Changchun's Preparation for College Entrance Examination: Ensure College Entrance Examination to Be Peaceful, Orderly and Fair
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The 2018 college entrance examination is approaching. On June 5, provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai came to Changchun City to inspect key examination points and halls and survey and inspect the work of preparation for college entrance examination. Jing Junhai emphasized need to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on maintaining the safety and stability of college entrance examination, implement the requirements of the provincial Party committee and provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu, carefully organize, focus on key points, improve the process, solidly do the work of preparation for college entrance examination well and ensure the college entrance examination to be peaceful, orderly and fair.


Jing Junhai first came to the examination point of Changchun No. High School to check the entrance safety inspection process for examinees, learn about the monitoring function of the examination point, and inspect the confidentiality measures of the examination point. In the provincial education examination institute, Jing Junhai walked into each office to carefully inspect the preparation for examination paper storage and circulation, going over examination papers, student enrollment, etc., and carefully ask about measures such as examination room safety. He pointed out need to implement the confidentiality requirements, increase technical support, ensure the safety of examination rooms well and effectively improve the examination guarantee conditions.


Jing Junhai held a seminar to hear work reports. He emphasized the college entrance examination work has a high degree of social concern and involves millions of households, and it is very important to maintain the safety and stability of college entrance examination. First, need to improve political positions and further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission. Deploy well and work hard to ensure the examination to be smooth and orderly, student enrollment to be fair and impartial and public opinions to be harmonious and stable. Second, need to grasp key links, standardize the operational procedures, and achieve a safe college entrance examination. Strengthen full monitoring on secret-involved places and the circulation of examination papers, strictly review, train, and assess secret-involved personnel and ensure the safety of examination papers. Strengthen the work of invigilation, conduct a comprehensive investigation, and severely crack down on illicit activities such as taking examinations instead of others and cheating in examinations to ensure a good examination environment. Timely release authoritative information and strengthen the correct guidance of public opinions. Improve the emergency response mechanism, need to develop plans and drill in advance for natural disasters and other situations that may occur during the college entrance examination and improve the emergency response capabilities. Keep strict with all links, such as invigilation, going over examination papers and enrolling students, to ensure enrollment of students to be fair and equitable. Third, need to compact responsibilities level by level and implement the college entrance examination security work into practice. All relevant departments should be based on their functions, divide work and cooperate and form a joint force. Strengthen inspection level by level, seriously investigate and ask responsibilities and maintain a good order for the college entrance examination.

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