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Bayanqolu Emphasized in Supervising Changchun City’s Project Construction: Lead the Way in the New Round of Comprehensive Revitalization
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Bayanqolu Emphasized in Supervising Changchun City’s Project Construction: Lead the Way in the New Round of Comprehensive Revitalization


On May 2, provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu led the first survey team to survey Liwang Plaza Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base in Changchun. Photo by Song Kai

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting “grasping the environment, grasping projects, and grasping implementation”, the province fully started the action of “putting spring projects to land, start construction and take effect as early as possible” (three early) in 2018, which is the third consecutive year the provincial Party committee and government carried out the activity. 22 provincial leaders including provincial Party Secretary Bayanqolu and provincial Deputy Party Secretary and Governor Jing Junhai led 18 survey teams to come to all cities (prefectures), Changbai Mountain Development Zone and related counties (cities) to supervise project construction and promote the entire province to quickly act, seize every minute, firmly grasp implementation, take courage to assume responsibilities, quickly set off a new offensive and new upsurge of project construction, further form a strong atmosphere of doing things and starting an undertaking and lay a solid foundation for promoting high-quality development and accelerating the new round of comprehensive revitalization.


In May, spring tide is surging and it is full of vigor in Jilin. From May 2 to 3, Bayanqolu led the first survey team to Changchun City to survey Zhongdong City Plaza, Jindazhou Circular Economy Industrial Park, Changchun Zhonggu Biotechnology International Cooperation Zone, Jilin University First Hospital Rehabilitation and Pension Center, Wutai Group Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Liwang Plaza Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Changchun High-tech Hairong Plaza, Changchun Inspection and Certification Industrial Park, Jinsai Pharmaceutical, FAW Hongqi Town, Yitong River Basin Treatment Project, Shimao Mingfa International Central Leisure Resort and other key projects starting construction and under construction. Wherever they went, projects were constructed in full swing and enterprises were running in full swing, showing a gratifying scene of rapid development and competitive development. Bayanqolu understood project construction, business development, and existing outstanding issues in detail and worked together with responsible people of projects to find solutions, solve problems, and seek development. He encouraged enterprises to seize opportunities, speed up the progress, improve the quality and efficiency of operation, put projects into operation and efficiency and make contributions to local economic development as soon as possible. Relevant departments should do the enterprise service protection work well, deepen the “decentralization, management and service” reform, implement one policy for one enterprise, provide on-door services, help enterprises to solve actual difficulties encountered in development, and strive to promote projects to land, start construction and take effect as early as possible.


During the survey, Bayanqolu presided over a briefing for project construction work. After earnestly listening to the report on economic and social development and key project construction in Changchun City in the first quarter, Bayanqolu pointed out Changchun City has been earnestly implementing requirements and deployments of the provincial Party committee and government since the beginning of this year, taken the bull by the horns, forged ahead, and promoted all aspects of work boldly and resolutely so that the economic and social development has maintained a good momentum, achieved remarkable results and made a good start in the first quarter. In particular, grasped expanding effective investment and strengthening project construction as a top priority for economic work, planned and built a large number of large and good projects with big efforts, accurate cutting point and enough reserve strength, and played an important supporting, leading and driving role. He hoped Changchun will further strengthen its awareness of “leading the way”, deeply study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ideology of socialist with Chinese characteristics in the new era, adhered to the general work tone of seeking progress in stability, fully implemented new development concepts, accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, promoted high-quality development and made new and greater contributions to creating a new situation of comprehensive revitalization of Jilin in the new era.


Bayanqolu emphasized Changchun City played a decisive and crucial role in overall development of the province. Need to further strengthen the awareness of opportunities, awareness of innovation, awareness of market, and awareness of responsibility and set an example in emancipating the mind and renewing ideas. Need to become a leader and set an example in promoting high-quality development, highlight development of new technologies, new formats, and new modes, develop "the Internet + real economy" well, promote development of high-end industries, speed up construction of smart Changchun, and strive to take the lead in making breakthroughs, building models, and exploring experiences in building digital Jilin. Need to make bigger breakthroughs and accomplishments in project construction, continue to grasp project construction without relax, strengthen project services, grasp landing of projects and support and drive Changchun to achieve high-quality development. Need to make a bigger improvement in the overall development environment of the city, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship, and construction of an ecological, livable and humanistic social environment and attract all kinds of talents with a beautiful environment with good ecology, comfortable and convenient life and surging entrepreneurial passion and full of vigor. Need to strengthen bearing responsibilities, better play the role as a “pillar” for the province’s economy and maintain the good momentum of development. Need to always adhere to the concept of green development. Lianhua Mountain Eco-tourism Resort should adhere to the premise of ecological priority, firmly establish the red-line awareness, make scientific planning, achieve orderly development, do not engage in large-scale development, concentrate wisdom and strength to building core areas, grasp the eco-tourism industry, protect Changchun’s green waters and mountains and build Changchun’s beautiful back-yard garden.

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