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Joining Hands with Hangzhou, Changchun Rice Opened up a New Marketing Mode
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The signing ceremony of grain production and marketing cooperation between Jilin and Zhejiang provinces

In the spring breeze, flowers and rice are fragrant in Hangzhou City.


On April 25 and 26, during the 2018 Jilin Rice Culture Zhejiang Propaganda Month, Changchun rice once again entered Hangzhou with splendid attire, opened up a new mode of “private customization of Jilin farmland” with ecology, homesickness, and private enjoyment as the selling point, and established “directly-selling shop” for Nong’an County’s small-grain and weak-alkali rice so that Changchun rice further rooted in the Zhejiang market.


Sign contracts for private customization of Jilin farmland that highlights eco + homesickness on site.


On April 25, Changchun City Grain Bureau took advantage of Jilin Rice Culture Propaganda Month, focused on propagandizing Changchun City’s advantages such as soil, water, climate, technology and variety, and attracted and encouraged Hangzhou’s residents to come to Changchun to experience acting as “farmer” through the mode of private customization of Jilin farmland. Hangzhou’s enterprises are entitled place orders in spring, Changchun’s rice companies shall provide fertile farmland and be responsible for field management such as rice transplanting, weeding and fertilization, and rice harvested in October will be stored into exclusive warehouses and processed and delivered to Hangzhou as needed on a monthly basis.


Hangzhou is the largest food-deficit area in Zhejiang Province. Each year, nearly 3 million grains need to be transferred into the city through a way of circulation from other places outside the province. For a long time, Hangzhou’s market demand for northeast rice has been very strong. The key to send good-quality Changchun rice to the table of Hangzhou people as fast as possible is a good marketing and cooperation mode.


The “private customization” cooperation mode that is not pioneered in Hangzhou has been tried in rice enterprises in Changchun City. Changchun rice’s member company Jilin Province Linjiang Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. had carried out the “private customization” mode with a number of banks in Shenzhen as early as a year ago. This cooperation mode not only provided banks with delicious, nutritional and safer rice, but also eased the capital and sales pressure of rice enterprises in the production process, opened up a new way for Changchun rice to enter the high-end market, and provided reliable guarantee for increase of farmers' income.

At the activity site, Deputy Governor Li Yue, provincial grain bureau director Li Guoqiang and others visited the booth of Changchun rice’s member companies and fully affirmed them.


Wang Guiling, vice president of Jilin Chamber of Commerce in Zhejiang Province, said Changchun has fertile land, good ecological environment, strong agricultural science and technology, and good processing technology. Hangzhou’s enterprises and Changchun’s rice enterprises have established a “grain tie” in this “private customization” way, not only bringing good rice to Hangzhou, but also meeting the psychological needs of “private enjoyment” of good rice of Hangzhou’s consumers. In the planting process, consumers can deeply participate in cultivation and production through self-selection of seeds and remote supervision and monitoring, which also satisfies their spiritual pursuit of closeness to nature, closeness to farming and recall of homesickness. On April 25, Wang Guiling’s company signed a purchase and sales contract with Jilin Jindaohua Rice Industry Co., Ltd.


Rebuild a characteristic direct-selling shop that highlights brand +experience in Hangzhou.


On April 26, Changchun rice Zhuoran direct-selling shop was officially unveiled at “Vanke Gongchen” in Liangzhu Street, Yuhang District. More than a dozen kinds of high-quality Changchun rice will be sent directly from the place of origin to Hangzhou. Changchun rice has always been welcomed by Hangzhou’s residents because of its good taste and is very popular in both supermarkets and grain and oil markets. Local well-known catering companies such as “Waipojia” also favor Changchun rice very much.


How to let Changchun rice take root in Hangzhou and further increase the brand adhesion of Changchun rice and the brand loyalty of consumers?

Differentiation is the fundamental law of brand marketing. Unique products have more marketing value, are more easily favored by consumers, more easily gain brand loyalty, and are more easily to be sold at good prices. Pang Guozhong, director of Changchun City Grain Bureau, introduced Changchun rice’s brand building work, in addition to external propaganda and promotion, has been spending efforts on products to find products' internal differentiation and externalize their internal differences. Changchun rice Zhuoran direct-selling shop is the second direct-selling shop for Changchun rice in Hangzhou. The shop mainly sells Nong’an County’s small-grain and weak-alkali rice. The shop, in addition to selling rice, is expected to be a platform that will be used to open up markets to allow high-quality Changchun rice to enter Hangzhou’s supermarkets, residential areas, units, and canteens so that Hangzhou’s citizens have more direct access to high-quality rice and reliable rice.


Han Zhihui, head of Changchun Zhuoran Agricultural Products Development Co., Ltd., the operator of the direct-selling shop, said there are two reasons to locate the shop in a place where top-grade residential areas are relatively concentrated. First, products can be directly sent to the table of residents of these residential areas. Second, it is an experience shop to allow citizens to taste and then promote online sales. “Lvyexianzong”-branded rice sold in the shop used to win the gold medal of Changchun International Agriculture and Food Expo (Trade Fair) for two consecutive terms, “Wufu”-branded rice used to win the gold medal of China Green Food Expo for two consecutive terms, and “Songjiang Shengyan”-branded small-grain rice used to win the gold medal of the 15th Shanghai International High Quality Rice and Fine Grains Exhibition. The "good quality + good brand + good sales" mode is bound to help Changchun to take root in Hangzhou.


With quality + features, Changchun rice achieves good quality and cheap prices.


In recent years, Changchun rice has improved its quality and established its image so that both quality and brand have improved. Prices of high-end Changchun rice brands such as "Meiguanjia", "Shuiqingqing" and “Lvyexianzong” have exceeded RMB 100 a kg. In 2014, Changchun City fully started the rice brand construction work, unified trademarks, established rice associations, and improved the quality of rice from selection and processing. In 2015, Changchun City was awarded the title of “China's High-quality Japonica Rice Capital”. In 2016, the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Green Food Development Center awarded Changchun City the title of “National Green Organic Agricultural Demonstration City”. In 2017, based on the advantages of local varieties and the development trend of international high-quality rice, Changchun City proposed characteristic "small grain" development of Changchun rice. Over the past few years, a series of measures by the Changchun City government have enabled Changchun rice to continue to increase quality, expand sales channels and become more famous.

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