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"Quanyangquan" Theme Airplane Starts Maiden Flight
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                                The picture shows "Quanyangquan" theme airplanes. 

On October 30, Quanyangquan and Tianjin Airlines strategic cooperation press conference was held in Tianjin Binhai International Airport and the two parties’ main people in charge attended and presided over the meeting. At the conference site, a group of Tianjin Airlines’ airplanes are built to be Quanyangquan theme airplanes full of Quanyangquan brand characteristics from the external appearance to cabin layout, making passengers feel the real charm of Quanyangquan products.


Quanyangquan Drinks Company, established in 2001, has four production bases, including Quanyangquan factory, Jingyu factory and Songjiang River Linhaixueyuan factory, and five natural high-quality mineral water sources, covering a total area of 249,000 square meters, and is a large modern ecological beverage enterprise taking the first to develop mineral water resources in Changbai Mountain core area. As a pioneer and forerunner of Changbai Mountain mineral water brands, Quanyangquan, with a management idea "promoting healthy drinking water and dedicating ecological drinks", has been committed to the development of the natural mineral water industry.


Quanyangquan’s every drop of water is drawn from Changbai Mountain protected area’s core area. Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve is a rare mineral water enrichment area in China and even the world, is recognized by the United Nations as a "human and biosphere" nature reserve and is together with the world famous Alps and North Caucasus to be known as the world's three most famous natural mineral water producing areas. Changbai Mountain has a large number of self-rising springs. Due to long-term natural mineralization, its minerals more exist in the water in an ionic state, the water quantity is rich and the water quality is excellent. Quanyangquan mineral water is even better than the world famous mineral water brands in the formation condition and mineral components’ some indicators.


Quanyangquan, by virtue of its brand strength "self-confidence because of water source and known because of water source", inventively works together with Tianjin Airlines to promote this innovative strategic cooperation. This is not only a success in the brand development strategy, but also the brand audience’s a high degree of overlapping and replacement.


Quanyangquan gains numerous awards and has become Tsinghua University Centennial Anniversary, the 24 Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and other events’ designated water in recent years. This June, it, even as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jilin global promotion’s exclusive water, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Blue Hall, went to the world to tell a cool and sweet water’s story for more than 130 countries. With a strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission, Quanyangquan has never stopped and been committed to helping Changbai Mountain’s quality water to go out of the mountain and "Quanyangquan" brand to go out of the country and fly to the world.

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