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 Welcome to the Investment Promotion Net of Jilin Province!
At the debut of the new website, I would like to express our sincere greetings and beautiful wishes to our friends and people of insight from all walks of life at home and abroad!
The Investment Promotion Net of Jilin Province is jointly sponsored by the Jilin Province Business Promotion Leading Group Office and the Jilin Province Bureau of Economic & Technical Cooperation. As an authoritative platform of economic and technical cooperation in Jilin Province, the website focuses on business promotion with investments from China and abroad, development zone construction, economic and technical cooperation, the Tumen River international cooperation, etc. with columns of information delivery, dynamic demonstration, project promotion, reception and consultation, etc. The net inherits and adheres to the cooperation concept of opening up, mutual benefit and win-win situation, enables investors to access rich information about investing in Jilin, and makes the upmost efforts to assist and care about investing entrepreneurs in their pragmatic understanding and basic judgment of projects interesting to them. The sound interactive channels make real-time exchanges possible and really make everybody feel that the Investment Promotion Net of Jilin Province IS home to investors!
Over the past few years, under the correct leadership of the Jilin Province Committee of the CPC and the Jilin Province Government, the economic and technical cooperation in Jilin Province has conscientiously followed the spirit of the Party’s 18th Congress, implemented the “Three Mobility” strategy, executed the “Sanhua” unified planning, taken business promotion as the mainline and big projects as the gateway, used the construction and management of development zones as the carrier, turned the Tumen River international cooperation development as the driving force, highlighted the “Three Services”, “Five Deepenings” and “Three Intensifications”, made contributions to the promotion of sustained economic and social development in a healthy manner in Jilin Province, and scored gratifying achievements.
Please trust that the Investment Promotion Net of Jilin Province will stay closely to the key work, stick to service as its orientation, take information publication as the fundamental, take project announcement as the feature, attach importance to giving plays to its functions, and it will surely win extensive recognition and extolment from all walks of life. The attention to the website will surely grow by a large margin.
I express our heart-felt welcome and gratitude to you all for visiting the website! Any achievement of yours will be our honor and happiness. Meanwhile, we are open to your comments and suggestions on the website work.
I wish you all happiness and all the best!
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