Online review/approval

 Currently, the instant review/approval of documents mainly covers the following five review/approval items in the filing system:

1. Change of legal address of any foreign-funded enterprise (except the changed legal address being beyond the jurisdiction of the review/approval administration)
2. Change of legal name of any foreign-funded enterprise 
3. Change of the name of any investor of foreign-funded enterprise 
4. Change of any member of the Board of Directors 
5. Electronic port review/approval 
Any enterprise wishing to apply for the above items can directly access the official website of the Jilin Province Bureau of Economic and Technical Cooperation,, and click “Administrative Review/approval” – “Guide” – “Application Materials”. When all the materials are available, send them in e-version to, an email box of the Review/approval Office of our bureau, and telephone the staff at the window (0431-82752016). The window stall will complete the online review within one day after receiving all the materials and give the online feedback to the applicant, which will submit the hard copies of the reviewed and qualified materials to the Review/approval Office and finish the review/approval procedures on the same day.
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