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Review/approval of Adding Investors and Capital Increase of Foreign-funded Enterprises
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 Review/approval of Adding Investors and Capital Increase of Foreign-funded Enterprises

1. Application (about the added investors and the amount of the increased capital, and the shareholding proportion after the capital increase)
2. Enterprise’s basic materials
 (1) Approval certificate (1 original, 2 duplicates and their copies)
 (2) Business License (The original shall be reviewed and the copy retained)
 (3) The original Contract and Articles of Association (copies)
 (4) Capital examination report (copies)
 (5) Latest audit report of financial statements (copies)
4. Board of Directors resolution
5. Signing capital increase agreement or agreement of addition of investors to explicitly set forth the parties’ responsibilities and obligations
6. Information about the added investors
Basic information (about the new foreign party)
 (1) Foreign investors need to provide notarized and certified documents (only notarized documents for Hong Kong and Macao investors) on their rights as principals or their identities certificates, which shall be notarized by the state notarial organs and certified by Chinese embassies and consulates in relevant countries. The certifications of rights as principals or identities of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shall be accompanied with notarial documents issued by their local notary authorities (with the originals examined and copies retained) in accordance with the law.
 (2) Credit certificate (the original) and Business License
Basic information about the new Chinese party
 (1) Annually-checked Business License, Articles of Association and capital verification report of the newly-added Chinese party
7. Investors’ Letter of Assignment to members of the Board of Directors (with the assigned personnel’s signatures being retained as samples)
8. List of the members of the new Board of Directors, copies of their identify certificate (passport), and resumes (signed by the personnel)
9. The company’s assets evaluation report (the company provides the evaluation report as the pricing basis to dilute the stock rights)
10. Amendments to Contract and Articles of Association 
11. The company’s power of attorney
12. Letter of Commitment
13. Any other documents and certificates as required by the review/approval authorities
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